Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stylish Award..

Tina and I are thrilled to accept  A blogger award. from Crochet attic.. Thankyou Eilleen :))
Crochet Attic  has bright and happy crochet items so pop in and say hello.. I know Eilleen will be thrilled when you do :))
Keep smiling  :)) remember a smile goes for miles .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thanks Pat!

Wow! Pat gave me the chance to be a contributor of Bead knitting and crochet. Thanks for giving me that honor Pat! I hope i can do it justice... :))

So... i thought I would post a couple of pics of some of my bead knitting. the doll on the left is one of the first I made.The half doll is just beautifully painted with very fine detailing around the eyes. It was made by a lady here in Tasmania and as you can imagine, she is very much in demand for her work. 

The doll on the right was made much later and i designed the skirt myself as i couldn't find a pattern i really liked at the time. Now of course there are lots of patterns available for purchase and some really beautiful crochet cotton in size 8 is also available in all the colours of the rainbow
and any colour you could possibly want or imagine.