Sunday, July 10, 2011

Half doll Amelia..

I received this lovely doll in the mail this week , from my sister .. A birthday gift ..
Amilia is a half doll, she stands about 8cm.. painted in soft blue..... a wooden stand will be made after I have completed the skirt..
I wanted to keep the theme of light blue so have chosen same colour beads with a darker blue for the cotton..
Chosen beads and cotton..
Well that was the easy part..
now for the threading of the beads onto the cotton..
The beginning is a slow process.
One hank of beads on cotton.
Crochet put to one side for a day or 2 and on with the knitting..
Pattern and a few rows of beadknitting..
If you are interested in  Beadknitting, here is  the list .
Sullivans beadknitting needles, size 1.25. & 1.50.
DMC cotton perle 826..
Beads #11 seed beads # 674 colour.

The cotton and beads were purchased from a local artist. If you live in Tas you can find them at Windermere Fine Woodcraft.. Or send me an e-mail.. and I will point you in the right direction..
                                   You may like to check out this site..Pollys Beads .. I have no affiliation with this site,but thought you would enjoy the pics..
Enjoy your day.. :))