Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Purses..

2 Christmas purses ready for posting..
Sweet little purse in silver..
This one in pretty pink.
 Where ever possible I prefer to shop locally.
I couldn't find the purse frames in my local shopping centre so I had to order on line...   I will be having a blogging rest until the New Year.. :)) Thank you for all your lovely comments and happy crafting :))
Merry Christmas to you all and a safe New Year...

Monday, November 21, 2011


The winner of the give away is Vikki from Indiana :))

If you could leave me your address via email , I will post your little money purse to you..

Thankyou to all :))

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Contest Gift..

Hello everyone,
I have decided to have as my Christmas give away this little money purse..
If you are a follower and would like to be in it leave a message and you will go into the draw..
Now you have until Sunday 23rd Nov........(Australia)
I will count the followers who have already left a comment on my previous posting..
Good luck. :))

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its Been a while, but.......

I am back from holidays :))
Frieda is finished and looking pretty snazzy.

What the next project will be I am not sure, suffice to say, it wont be long before I have those little needles working again on another project..
I may even have a Christmas giveaway :)) So thinking caps on .. See you at your place :))

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Up date on Freida

The beginnings..
I am enjoying knitting this pattern, and can't wait till Freida is finished and on her stand..
knitted to the waist..
Thanks for stopping by :))

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amelia completed

Amelia is finished, I have enjoyed making this beaded dress, slightly different with the extra small skirt at the waist.. I am thinking of making another, as these patterns are relatively easy .

Back view..

And now I have the beads and pattern for the one doll I have been talking about in other posts..
Yes it is Freida..

So I am off to start threading beads onto the cotton and tomorrow I should be able to make the first st.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, You know how much I love reading them :))

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Half doll Amelia..

I received this lovely doll in the mail this week , from my sister .. A birthday gift ..
Amilia is a half doll, she stands about 8cm.. painted in soft blue..... a wooden stand will be made after I have completed the skirt..
I wanted to keep the theme of light blue so have chosen same colour beads with a darker blue for the cotton..
Chosen beads and cotton..
Well that was the easy part..
now for the threading of the beads onto the cotton..
The beginning is a slow process.
One hank of beads on cotton.
Crochet put to one side for a day or 2 and on with the knitting..
Pattern and a few rows of beadknitting..
If you are interested in  Beadknitting, here is  the list .
Sullivans beadknitting needles, size 1.25. & 1.50.
DMC cotton perle 826..
Beads #11 seed beads # 674 colour.

The cotton and beads were purchased from a local artist. If you live in Tas you can find them at Windermere Fine Woodcraft.. Or send me an e-mail.. and I will point you in the right direction..
                                   You may like to check out this site..Pollys Beads .. I have no affiliation with this site,but thought you would enjoy the pics..
Enjoy your day.. :))

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another gift in the mail..

The posty has delivered another gift to my front door..
Whose a lucky girl eh!?
This one has come from ( postal workers words) the other side of the world :)) gotta love them ..
Thankyou Catherine for sending me these lovely patterns, once again I have always wanted this book, and now I own one..
Can't wait to put hook to yarn and start those different patterns..
Look at the patterns on the other book, great summer tops there..
Thanks again Catherine, A lovely unexpected gift :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey Ho! Hey Ho! Off To the Fair We go!

Prudence Mapstone and Tina chatting..
What a great morning... Pat & I went off to spend a few hours at the quilting fair.. Loads of goodies to be had on the stalls and workshops galore. Spent some money... Of course.. 
Tina and Pat cuppa time :))
Had some lunch and walked and walked and walked until we couldn't walk anymore. 
Tina and Mr Mapstone..

Back to car for the ride home and a nice sit down and a cuppa and chat before Pat had to toddle off home again. Lovely... :))

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cushion Doilies,,

Hello everyone, I thought I would share a couple of pics with you of my finished cushion.
I started these doilies when holidaying in the NT.

I am so pleased to have them on cushions at last.
See you at your blog..
Keep smiling :))

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stylish Award..

Tina and I are thrilled to accept  A blogger award. from Crochet attic.. Thankyou Eilleen :))
Crochet Attic  has bright and happy crochet items so pop in and say hello.. I know Eilleen will be thrilled when you do :))
Keep smiling  :)) remember a smile goes for miles .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thanks Pat!

Wow! Pat gave me the chance to be a contributor of Bead knitting and crochet. Thanks for giving me that honor Pat! I hope i can do it justice... :))

So... i thought I would post a couple of pics of some of my bead knitting. the doll on the left is one of the first I made.The half doll is just beautifully painted with very fine detailing around the eyes. It was made by a lady here in Tasmania and as you can imagine, she is very much in demand for her work. 

The doll on the right was made much later and i designed the skirt myself as i couldn't find a pattern i really liked at the time. Now of course there are lots of patterns available for purchase and some really beautiful crochet cotton in size 8 is also available in all the colours of the rainbow
and any colour you could possibly want or imagine.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Romper suit completed..

 There is something to be said about a rainy day.
For me it is craft.......
just to be able to crochet a square or look through craft mags is a joy :))
Today I made the most of the rain outside, (with a smile on my dial) to finish off the Romper suit.

completed doll .
 I only had to sew in the ends and knit the shoes.. But soon found I preferred booties, to the shoes, and that is what I have ended up with ..

back view.
so cute..
I am very pleased with how it has come together..There is always that sense of achievement seeing a project completed. :))
Materials I have used..
Baby doll hand made by Kerrie from Kerics World of Fantasy.
1/2 hank of blue ,#11 glass seed beads
1 DMC #8 Perle cotton
3 small glass beads for buttons
1.25 and 1.50 knitting needles
1.25 crochet hook
blue narrow ribbon..
Pattern by..Anthonia Steinbrenner.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wips and Ufo's.

Here we are January 2011 and I still haven't started a new project in beadknitting..
I moved my craft room and that in self is a little daunting.
If you could see what I have you would know what I mean.. Then there is, "Where have I put it"? To much crafty stuff..?? No Never.............. :))
So after looking through all my beads and patterns, I have decided to finish what I started last year.. A little Romper suit ,, it will have a cap and booties when completed..
The little doll itself is about 5" tall has jointed arms and legs.

But to show you we haven't been lazy in our little place, 
1st harvest of peas.     

The peas were frozen and the preserves are beetroot.
Thankyou for stopping by my blog.. I love your comments.. Have a blessed day :))