Monday, January 24, 2011

Wips and Ufo's.

Here we are January 2011 and I still haven't started a new project in beadknitting..
I moved my craft room and that in self is a little daunting.
If you could see what I have you would know what I mean.. Then there is, "Where have I put it"? To much crafty stuff..?? No Never.............. :))
So after looking through all my beads and patterns, I have decided to finish what I started last year.. A little Romper suit ,, it will have a cap and booties when completed..
The little doll itself is about 5" tall has jointed arms and legs.

But to show you we haven't been lazy in our little place, 
1st harvest of peas.     

The peas were frozen and the preserves are beetroot.
Thankyou for stopping by my blog.. I love your comments.. Have a blessed day :))


Killiecrankie Farm said...

thats an amazing crop of peas !
and ohhh to have a choice between WHICH room for craft :)

Faith said...

Fresh green peas, how wonderful they look, and I bet they smell wonderfully fresh...oh the lovely green color...we are covered in white here....everywhere....the bead crocheting, is it difficult? It is so pretty, I love the romper. Are the beads very small? In other words,, would this old gal
be able to do pretty...

Denise said...

Looking forward to see your progress on the romper and cap.

Verde Farm said...

Look at those beautiful peas--wow. To have fresh veggies now-how wonderful. I know your romper will be so cute. Your work is wonderful :)

pattas said...

Thankyou ladies :))

Gail said...

Oh my fresh peas in January, you must live in the southwest. We got up to 16 today. LOL. Love your work, you header took my breath away. Beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog Big Horn Mountain Creations, and for you encouragement.