Friday, August 6, 2010

Beadknitting for bears

I love these little bears...... My DD collected bears when she was young, there were bags of them..... how do we reduce these bags of funny cute faced stuffed bears? Remember they are stuffed...... I didn't think it would be hard to do.. There were bears of every size. But eventually, we did.  I still have the problem of passing them by if I am in a Toy shop,or St Vinnies.
Harrods, Nicolas Bear.
My friend and I were shopping in St Vinnies one day and I came across a small bag of little bears, and you guessed it, I bought it... My friend pointed out to me that there was one in there with "H" on it foot.. She said "Harrods". I looked  it up on the Internet to discover the asking price on e-bay was $50.00...... not bad for the purchase price of $3:00.... Nicolas is the 20th Anniversary  bear..

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Anonymous said...

These are just gorgeous, I love your work.. What a bargain to buy that cute little bear for 3 bucks.....