Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beads and cotton..

Happy New Year everyone.. I hope it is a crafty one for you :))
Thankyou for leaving your lovely comments, You know I love to receive them any questions ?? ask and I will do my best to answer you right here on the blog ..
There are a couple of orders that need filling this january, so out came the beads and cotton for choosing which order to start on first..
I think the most pressing at the moment is another Freida dress, seems to be popular at the moment..

I love the colours that are available
 in the seed beads..Can't wait to see them knitted into a pattern.. so here is a pic of the cottons I have chosen.

DMC perle #8..

2 Small purses to complete..
I have been asked if I have a shop like etsy??  I do have an online shop on "Madeit".. but it is empty at the moment .. I will have to do something about it :))

That's about it from my craft room today, I need to get on with making these dresses..
Have a great week , See you at your place :))


Bill said...

just thought i might have a look in to see what you have been posting very impressed with the pics and description, love Hubby !

TheMissJane1 said...

The seed beads are so tiny, how do you manage to keep them from floating away?
The purses are just beautiful. so dainty and delicate, but useable!

One pair of Hands said...

My goodness! All those beads. My question is how long does it take to thread them all on to your thread. Well, two questions, actually; is there a clever quick method?

pattas said...

Thanks for your Questions O.P.H. :))
I only thread one hank at a time, to be honest, I have never timed it..
?2 Not that I know of LOL..
I prefer to buy my beads in hanks,(the beads are already on cotton,) that way it is easier to transfer onto the cotton I will use for knitting.. :))

jaya said...

knitting purses are sooooooooo beautiful,i want tutorial to these purse,please, thankyou.

pattas said...

@ jaya.. I would love to have a tutorial on Beadknitting but wouldn't have a clue on how to put it on the blog.. there are sites out there that have patterns for sale .. I will post a few up for you :))
Thankyou for your question :))

jaya said...

hi pattas thanks for your answer,i am so happy