Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Slow progress.

It is indeed a slow progress on the second beaded dress just like the one above..

 I love bead knitting, I lose myself in the moment. Early mornings when it is so quiet in our home , I find is the best time, no mistakes in the work :))

There are coins purses , and larger purses in white, turquoise, pink..

Thankyou to all my followers, I love to read your comments, If you ask a question I will do my best to answer If I can't i will link you to someone who can ..
Enjoy the day :))


Anonymous said...

first thnxx for being my follower
and second you make the most beautiful things ever

love greetz jenneke

Mary said...

Oh my goodness! That doll dress is the prettiest thing and the coin purse...did you make that? Amazing!