Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas Cushion

Hello everyone,
I hope your weekend  is going well :)) It is raining here in the North of the state, and the plants are loving it. Although a little wet for the Deloraine Craft Fair.. 
I have finished one of three Christmas cushions. Quite pleased with pattern.. I like to crochet what ever comes into the mind at the time.:)) I dislike having to read patterns .
a close up of the pattern.

Reverse of cushion..

  I can't honestly say I am pleased with this side as it seems lopsided to me.. Have you ever crochet a granny blanket only to find the centre is crooked?? I would love to know why?? Although I did think it is because the centre is of a firmer tension,Or a little loose, which ever the case maybe.. 
When I have completed the next cushion I will upload a pic..
What ever you may be doing this weekend, enjoy :))


Clara said...

It really does look good from here!

Verde Farm said...

I think it's perfect! Sometimes imperfect gives character and this looks great!