Thursday, October 7, 2010


3 UFOs..
With only a couple of UFOs to finish before Christmas,I am starting to feel a little more relaxed. 
The sun is shining outside , but the wind is cold, and I don't like the cold.. Bring on Summer.!!!!!!!
Beaches, BBQs, Picnics Cool long drinks..
Will I have time to crochet I hear you ask.. To right I will, I'll bring out the #20 cotton and finish a table runner and 
a doily that has been waiting for ... years... Dream on :))
Back to the here and now, the hexagons I am making into a rug, and joining them with flat braid join.. I found the info here .
The crochet group I belong to here in Aus, exchange 7"squares, which I forgot to mention I have a pile, waiting to be joined.So that makes another UFO to be added to the list.. The exchanges are a lot of fun, and I do love receiving mail in the post.
Received from a member in NSW.

What do you
have in the way of UFOs ??? its confession time ..:))
Now for the other rug I am pleased to report LOL the baby shawl is finished yippee.
 The reversible Hungarian rug, is almost complete ,
a few more rows should see that finished..

Close up of stitch..
Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by..
Till next time .. keep those hooks movin':))


Clara said...

Wow, such a list, huh? I really like the look of the hexagon rug. I know I would not have the patience for a table runner or doily in thread so I commend you on that one. I have so much on the go I really ought to get those things done as like you, I'd have lots for Christmas. I have a few throws all ready and waiting for some flowers and hearts to be attached. I'm going to get at them starting this weekend or it will not happen!

Filiz said...

hi Pattas,you are very lucky I think cause in australia it's summer time ,enjoy yourself and smell the flowers:)It's cold outside here in Turkey winter is coming soon:((But in cold days and especially at nigths I like knitting more than other times:)
Your UFOs are very cute,their colurs are very nice.I hope you will finish your works as soon as possible and share with us:)

Kerrie said...

So beautiful, your work is perfect!

Killiecrankie Farm said...

that reverse hungarian stitch is gorgeous !
can you share the pattern source at all ?

Killiecrankie Farm said...

thanks for the tips Pat !
i think i like your colours best in the stripe :)